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I have been messing about with javascript coding for a while - and a great fan of Douglas Crockford's JSLint tool.

November 2012 indie9000 gamejam.

With a small team of friends I went to the local gamejam in Aalborg. The theme for the jam was 'Lazy Valkyrie Roundup' and we had little more than 24 hours to do a game. We decided to try and do a game using plain javascript and HTML5 elements. It was a fun and hectic experience, and even though we were short on time we managed to get all the stuff mashed togehter in the final hour and producing a playable demo.

The game is called Go Go Princess - Punishment Edition! - and is purposely annoying to operate and play. Select 'start new game' with the mouse, and jump by hitting space-bar; after a while the game may 'misbehave' in strange ways in the browser due to all sorts of things leaking from the code, hit CTRL+F5.

Plot: It is your task to save the Fat Princess from the Lazy Valkyrie.

Controls: Press space to jump.

Level editor: Find the easter egg ("w" is Wagner mode and "b" is Banjo mode)

Engine: None. Built with HTML5 & JavaScript.

Team: mkh (gfx), pbn, tlk & mk

Game: Play it online!

(more javascript scriblings to come when I get around to it)

its coming its coming..