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Android Gaming

I have experimented a bit with the Android SDK.

2011: Cow Racing

This is a sweet little game I wrote to familiarize myselft with the Android SDK.

Try the game on your Android device



Guide the cow through the racing track by moving the grass at bottom of the screen. Keep clear of obstacles (sheeps, water holes, hay bales and tractors). Collect milk and cowbells. Milk gives an extra health point and cowbells are turbo boost fuel. Wiggle the grass rapidly to use turbo boost.

Here is a list of some of the features I got around implementing:

(Even though the game has a 'mute' button I never got around to implement a sound system - sorry).

2011 February: Fat Kid Tower Defense

This game was created during indie9000 in february 2011. It was mashed together in just about over 24 hours.

Try the game on your Android device



It is a tower defense demo. There are three types of creatures including the fat kid boss. A single type of tower.

The map is stored in a text file (unfortunately we only did a single map). The tower firing is a very crude implementation as it was the final thing implemented seconds before deadline.

It utilizes roughly most of the same core functionality implemented for the Cow Racing game.